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CGIAR, Assessing Value Chains to Improve Incomes and Food Security

  • Researchers from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), in collaboration with partners from Tay Nguyen University (TNU) and Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI) organized a value Chain Stakeholders workshop in November 2014. Around 45 participants attended the workshop which included researchers from TNU and WASI, representatives from Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of provinces, extension centers, farmer clubs and private companies, as well as other value chain actors who are involved in producing, collecting, processing and trading selected commodities.
  • While the studied region is an important coffee producing area and many smallholder farmers are involved in coffee production, their dependence on coffee at a time of declining coffee prices made income diversification an essential task. Since the coffee is already extensively studied in the region, the study concentrated on other major commodities within the farming system. These commodities are cassava, pepper, local beef and Avocado. The chosen four commodities play a significant role to Vietnamese rural smallholder farmers providing firm profits over a longer term if production, disease, market access and quality concerns are also properly addressed.
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