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Short Fishing Village Trips - Characteristic Fishery Tour Routes

  Facing the problems of global Marine Resources decrease every years and awareness of Eco-Friendly raising up, Chinese Taipei regenerate fishery industry in to a new and innovative form. By turning unique Chinese Taipei Fishing culture to ecotourism and separate from other culture. The new turing of fishery industries has been applied in many different characteristic fish villages, offering their respective local flavors and features.
  In the case of Whshih Fishery Harbor Yilan and Shihti Fishery Harbor in Hualian, people are able to enjoy the fishing village tour routes. Moreover, Chinese Taipei, Council of Agriculture, promotes the rural regeneration program and instigates fishing village regeneration for sustainable development.
  The importance of this promotion in the rural regeneration program is forecasting the fishery industry operation and eternal utilized fish resources, and expanding fishing village regeneration and sustainable development as well as increasing local economic revenue and creating employment opportunities.

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