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New Singapore Standard for Cold Chain Management of Vegetables

  • Public-private partnership develops new standard to further ensure safety, freshness, quality, and availability of vegetables for Singapore.
  • The food industry, together with AVA and SPRING Singapore, has jointly developed a new Singapore Standard (SS) for the cold chain management of vegetables. The introduction of this SS follows industry feedback as well as updates from new references and procedures adopted as best practices regionally.
  • The maintenance of the cold chain is important for preserving the safety, freshness, shelf life, and quality (including nutritional value and sensory characteristics) of unpreserved vegetables.
  • This is especially crucial for Singapore, where more than 90 percent of this fresh produce is imported. For the industry, adoption of this SS will bring about fresher and higher quality vegetables that can command a higher value in the market.
url:http://app.ava.gov.sg/data/Publications/ListOfPublications/ava_vision_issues3-4_2013/food-security-vegetables-management.html is not available link!
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