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The statistics available on the platform are placed within two categories: natural phenomena and data related to food security. Statistical data on natural phenomena are found under the following headings: temperature, desertification, major natural disasters, and the occurrence status of plant pest and disease. Data related to food security is divided according to the following categories: energy, starvation and poverty, information on food security, food prices, food supply and demand, agricultural infrastructure, agricultural resources, agricultural production, and agricultural trade.

Regarding the statistics, the APIP largely depends on the FAO and USDA databases, due to the variety and the consistency of this data. With regards to the price data, the platform utilizes primary commodity price data from IMF indices and actual market price data, and some of the data from the FAO and the International Grains Council (IGC), where necessary.

APIP Statistics

Natural Phenomenon




Major Natural Disasters

Occurrence Status of Plant Pest and Disease

Food Security-related Data


Starvation and Poverty

Information on Food Security

ASEAN Early Alerting Information

National Outlook for Food Supply and Price

National Food Price Data

Major Grains and Animal Products

Food Prices

Food Supply and Demand

Agricultural Infrastructure

Agricultural Resources

Agricultural Land Area

Under Cultivation Area

Agricultural Population

Amount of Water Resource for Agriculture

Agricultural Production

Production(Major Grains and Animal Products)

Yield per Unit (Major Grains)

Agricultural Trade

Amount of Export(Major Grains and Animal Products)

Amount of Import(Major Grains and Animal Products)

Export Destination Countries(Major Grains and Animal Products)

Agricultural Production

Major Grains and Animal Products