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The Philippines Cold Chain Project (PCCP)

  • The Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP) is a four year project funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food for the progress program and implemented by Winrock International along with its partners in CARAGA Region, Philippines such as the LGU’s and other government.
  • The purpose of the PCCP project is to increase agricultural productivity of the horticultural, meat, and fish value chains and expand trade of agricultural products. PCCP targets meat, fish, and horticultural producers in Eastern Mindanao in Caraga Province and will strengthen producer, middlemen and input suppliers to move farm production from farm to more profitable markets while maintaining freshness and quality. PCCP will work with value chain businesses, producers, government, and nongovernmental entities for participation for project related assistance, training, and intervention.
  • The Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP) objectives are: (1) To augment the project's hands-on technical assistance and training, (2) To foster the development of small and medium enterprises, meddlemen, and produces to enable more people and business to participate in national and international marketing as well as connect producers to input suppliers, (3) To support investments in infrastructure for cold chain development and inputs such as planting materials, integrated pest management supplies, post-harvest cooling technology and other supplies to reduce post-harvest loses.

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