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APEC Seminar on Food Value Chain to Foster the Rural Urban Development in Asia Pacific Region

1. Date

From 2pm of Sunday August 20, 2017

2. Venue

Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel, Can Tho, Viet Nam

3. Objective

  •  For participants to better understand about Food Value Chains (FVC)
  •  For participants to discuss FVC’s role in sustainable and inclusive growth through sharing of experiences

4. Agenda


Arrival and Registration




Opening Remarks
Mr. Masakazu Ikefuchi
 Deputy Director-General for International Affairs, Ministry of      Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Japan
Mr. Tran Kim Long
 Director General of International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Viet Nam
PPFS Chair


Session 1 Keynote Speech
Mr. Kazuo Shimazaki
 Director for APEC, G7,G20, IGC, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Japan
Strengthening food value chains is one of the most important issues to foster the rural-urban development in APEC region. This session will provide the outline of the purpose and importance of the development of food value chains. Japan will also introduce its policy about global food value chain and related efforts in Japan and other economies.


Session 2-1 Best Practices in APEC economies (1)
Experts from private sectors in Japan share the best practices about the establishment of food value chains. This session will focus on cold chains and family farmers.

Mr. Motoyuki Hazu (confirmed)(15min)
 “Cold Chain Logistic Service”

 Executive Officer, Overseas Business Development Division, Nichirei Logistics Group Inc., Japan
Mr. Hirofumi Kobayashi (confirmed) (15 min)
 “Challenges for Family Farmers to Participate in Global Food Value Chains”

 General Manager, Agricultural Policy Department
 JA-Zenchu (Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives), Japan
-- Q and A (10 min)


Photo Session and Coffee Break


Session 2-2 Best Practices in APEC economies (2)
Experts share the best practices about the establishment of food value chains in each economy.

Mr. Dinh Viet Hong (confirmed) (15 min)
 “Case Introduction: Technical Cooperation Project on Development Planning of Agriculture Sector in Nghe An Province”

 Vice Chairman, Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee
Mr. Chusak Chuenprayoth (confirmed) (15 min)
 “"Agribusiness and Food Value Chain"        

 Vice Chairman, The Thai chamber of Commerce, Thailand
Ms. Seo-Young Kim (confirmed) (15 min)
 “The Innovative Case of 6th Industry of Agriculture and Rural Areas Led by Seoul National University”

 Senior Researcher, Wellness Emergence Center, Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Mr. Le Thanh (confirmed) (15 min)
 “Best Practice of Agricultural Value chain in Vietnam for rural-urban development and integration into international market”

 Chairman of Institute of Organic Agricultural Economics
--Q and A (10 min)


Session 3 Discussion
Regarding food value chains, experts discuss about possible contribution for Food Security and Climate Change Multi-Year Action Plan (MYAP).

Mr. Kazuo Shimazaki


Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks
Mr. Kazuo Shimazaki
 MAFF, Japan



Executive Summary


Presentation Material








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