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Towards a Vision for Agricultural Innovation in Chile in 2030

  • This report is the product of a collaborative effort between the Agriculture and Rural Development Unit in the Latin America and Caribbean Region of the World Bank (LCSAR), the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) and the Foundation of Agricultural Innovation (FIA) of the Government of Chile. The study was funded through a Fee Based Service agreement between MINAGRI, FIA and the World Bank.
  • Using a scenario planning methodology, the paper identifies the main opportunities and main challenges that will require attention if Chile wishes to resume it’s agricultural growth pathway of before the last decade, and proposes a vision to direct Chile’s agricultural innovation system towards 2030.
  • In 2030 Chile is a renowned quality producer of a range of fresh and processed food and  fiber products. Its international image is marked by the diversity that its geography allows it to produce. The agricultural sector emphasizes environmental sustainability and wholesomeness, valued by both domestic and international consumers. Through the application of ICT, investments in agricultural technology and the training of its labor force, Chile has been able to develop profitable value chains, well integrated from production to final markets, and able to remunerate its participants at comparable levels to the rest of the rural economy.
  • In five letters Chile’s agriculture will be:
    C: Clean
    H: Healthy and wholesome
    I: Information based and Internationally integrated
    L: Learning oriented
    E: Efficient and Equitable.
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