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Progress of APEC Action Plan and Success (The United States)

2013 APIP on Food Security Input for the Action Plan 

Shared Goal 1: Sustainable Development of the Agricultural Sector

Expanding food supply capacity

  • Enhance capacities for research and developments

9. Hold capacity building workshop to implement enabling regulatory systems that support investment in agricultural biotechnology. [2010-2011]

  • Utilize fisheries resources sustainably

16. Deliver a training module on safety of the aquaculture supply chain. [2010]

Confronting challenges in climate change and natural resource management

  • Conduct outreach on the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

41. Hold workshop on Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety [2011]

Shared Goal 2: Facilitation of Investment, Trade and Markets

Improving agribusiness environment

  • Remove regulatory and institutional impediments

50. Implement pilot projects for diagnosing the root causes and inefficiencies of an underperforming agricultural sector. [2011]

  • Promote a strong food chain

56. Work on improving laboratory and technical capacity to carry out appropriate testing sampling and analysis of food product. [2011]

Improving food safety practices

  • Improving food safety practice

59. Hold training on developing food safety plans to strengthen the supply chain with outputs to be incorporated into online training. [2010-2011]

62. Hold workshop to disseminate lessons learned from food defense pilot project to build capacity to prevent deliberate tampering and contamination of the food supply. [2010-2011]

To see the information of the member economies’ approach to the Niigata action plans on Food Security, please click the link below.

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