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The policies section includes four kinds of policies. One is the social factors affecting food securities, such as a bio-energy policies, bio-safety, forestry management, and agricultural investment. The second one is the food security policies. This is mainly the laws and the policies and the support measures for the farming and the rural areas, and the food reserve policies and the mechanisms. There are also the climate change policies and the policies for the agricultural, agri-business environment.

Social factors

Agricultural Investment

Bioenergy Policies (Sustainable Biomass Energy Production and Use)

Food Security Policies

Food Security Policies


Laws/Polices for Disaster Supportfor Farmers

Food Reserve Policies/Mechanisms

Improvements of Agribusiness Environment

Improvements of Agribusiness Environment

Measures to Climate Change

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Expanding food supply capacity

Explore cooperation with non-APEC economies (Action Plan No. 11, 12)