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Chinese Taipei Agricultural Technology Foresight and its Application

Strengthening agricultural technology transfer and commercialization

Strengthening agricultural technology transfer and commercialization Rural development experts have been espousing about agricultural technology transfer and commercialization being complimentary stimulators of rural economic growth. However, approaches and methodologies in technology transfer and commercialization vary depending on agricultural commodities and specific locations where the products are going to be commercialized. Over the years, the challenges of agricultural technology transfer and commercialization became more pronounced with issues like climate change, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), private company regulations (or private sector's deregulation) and knowledge management coming into the picture.While experts continue to test and develop innovative and promising models for agricultural technology transfer and commercialization, a big challenge faced by most developmental agencies and bureaus is the creation of complimentary activities which will justify their given budgets. There is a need to assess and explore the challenges and potentials of agricultural technology transfer and commercialization. This will help various stakeholders participating in the entire food chain to better understand the mechanics and technicalities involved in technology transfer, product promotion, marketing, etc. With the request of PCAARRD, FFTC embarked on this special project and organized this workshop in the Philippines to help consolidate the sharing of knowledge and experiences and steer the direction of agricultural technology and commercialization.Major findings and recommendations:PCAARRD, in 2012, crafted the Industry Strategic S&T Plans (ISP), which is to provide the vision and direction for all actors and key players in the agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources sectors in the Philippines. This seminar-workshop gathered experts in the fields of technology transfer, IPR, communication and extension, knowledge management, and development studies, by using technology foresight tools, to further articulate the selected ISPs. In the first day, the five resource persons presented the topics on: 1) Commercialization of agricultural R&D results in Taiwan; 2) Changes in agricultural environment and its implications on technology transfers; 3) Taiwan agricultural technology foresights and its applications; 4) From technology innovation through multi-disciplinary cooperation to a commercialization of biomethanol production by a unique method of gasification; 5) Challenges of JIRCAS from R&D to commercialization in Asia; 6) Technology transfer in the Philippines AFNR sectors: PCAARRD experience; and 7) Technology foresight in the Philippines: Issues, trends and experiences. These presentations have set the stage for four concurrent group discussions on crop, livestock, aquatic and environment sectors in the next day.The four discussion groups employed the five stages of the technology foresights such as industry scenario, focal issues, environmental scanning, key predictable variables, and critical uncertainties to fine-tune the ISPs related to banana, native chicken, aquatic shrimp and rubber industry. The following recommendations for the objectives of the focal issues were presented at the conclusion of group discussions: To reduce Fusarium wilt incidence of Cavendish banana in Mindanao by 90-95% in 2015. To increase breeding population of native chicken to supply the increasing demand of slaughter native chicken in the market by 2016. To optimize productivity of rubber production and harvesting to conform with national and global standards by 2020. To improve efficiency of sustainable production technology, production of high health fry, development of bio-surveillance systems. Strengthening agricultural technology transfer and commercializationHeld in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, 2-5 December 2013No. of participating countries: 3 (Japan, Taiwan, Philippines)No. of participants: 5 resource speakers from 3 countries and 51 local participantsCo-organizers: Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) For further information, please contact Dr. George Kuo, FFTC Technical Consultant

Dr. C.S. Tsou shares his experience of leading the Technology Foresight team in Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER).

The purpose of this team includes not only agricultural technology foresight, but applying technologies into strategic blueprint and as a reference of policy implementations.

It can also act as a platform for important agricultural issues of and fostering professionals in this field.

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