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Progress of APEC Action Plan and Success (Thailand)

2013 APIP on Food Security Input for the Action Plan 

Shared Goal 1: Sustainable Development of the Agricultural Sector

Expanding food supply capacity

  • Transfer new and existing agricultural technology

  6. Organize workshop on the raising of APEC capability on food crops production to serve consumption needs in 2015. [2010-2012]

  • Enhance capacities for research and developments

  10. Hold conference to exchange views on the areas of challenges for developing economies on food security and to identify capacity building needs. [2011-2012]

Developing rural communities

  • Promote the consumption of local agricultural products

  27. Hold workshop to exchange information on conservation and utilization of indigenous vegetables. [2011-2013]

Confronting challenges in climate change and natural resource management

  • Disseminate promising farming practices to cope with climate change

  32. Provide training and hold workshop to improve farmers’ adaptive capacity to climate variability and change. [2011-2013]

  • Promote research to cope with climate change

  37. Conduct joint research, organize training course and workshop, exchange program of research and study visit to enable sustainable livestock production for food security under climate change. [2011-2013]

  • Develop bioenergy compatible with food supply

  39. Hold biofuels network annual symposium and biotrade/technical training workshop. [2011]

Shared Goal 2: Facilitation of Investment, Trade and Markets

Improving food safety practices

  • Improving food safety practice

  61. Hold workshop on HACCP broiler farm to improve food safety of poultry production. [2011]

To see the information of the member economies’ approach to the Niigata action plans on Food Security, please click the link below.

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