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Progress of APEC Action Plan and Success (Japan)

Common tool

Develop a platform for information sharing (Information Platform: IP)

1. Hold workshop to discuss a framework of a portal website for sharing information provided by economies, develop the website integrating such information as outputs of the activities, best practices, research results and statistics, and observe the activities. [2011]

Shared Goal 1: Sustainable Development of the Agricultural Sector

Expanding food supply capacity

  • Transfer new and existing agricultural technology

5.Hold symposium to share information on the use of water resource and farmers-participatory irrigation management in collaboration with the International Network for Water and Ecosystem in Paddy Fields. [2011]

  • Enhance capacities for research and developments

7. Provide researchers of developing economies with training on agricultural research. [2011-2013]

8. Reinforce international collaborative research on global warming and food security by sharing research outcomes via IP. [2011-]

  • Explore cooperation with non-APEC economies

11. Share best practices on agricultural assistance to developing countries mainly in Africa via IP. [2011-]

  • Utilize fisheries resources sustainably

17. Share information on sustainable use of fisheries resources via IP. [2011-]

Enhancing disaster preparedness in agriculture

  • Enhance capacities for disaster preparedness in agriculture

18. Share best practices on disaster prevention and mitigation in agriculture and support measures for farming and rural areas in times of disaster, including international relief systems via IP. [2011-]

Developing rural communities

  • Disseminate promising approaches for rural community development

28. Share best practices on rural women-led new businesses including the processing and marketing of agricultural products, on green tourism and on experience programs of rural culture via IP and symposium. [2011-]

Confronting challenges in climate change and natural resource management

  • Disseminate promising farming practices to cope with climate change

31. Hold workshop to share adaptation and mitigation measures adopted by each economy and to discuss the applicability to other economies. [2011]

33. Hold workshop to disseminate feasible adaptation and mitigation measures identified by the food security mapping system incorporating climate change factorable data. [2011-2013]

35. Conduct study and share information on sustainable paddy rice cultivation system adaptable to climate change via IP. [2011-]

  • Develop bioenergy compatible with food supply

38. Share results of a forum on sustainable biomass energy production and use and experiences of biomass town projects launched in East Asia via IP [2011-]

  • Promote sustainable forest management compatible with food security

40. Share information on the impact of deforestation on the natural environment and the sustainability of agricultural production in farmland converted from forest via IP utilizing the Asia Forest Partnership as an information source. [2011-]

  • Conduct outreach on the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

42. Share results of a symposium on the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety via IP. [2011-2012]

Shared Goal 2: Facilitation of Investment, Trade and Markets

Promoting investment in agriculture

  • Recognize the importance of agricultural investment and its facilitation

43. Hold stakeholders meeting to push forward the responsible agricultural investment (RAI) initiative in the APEC region. [2011-2012]

Strengthening confidence in agricultural markets

  • Address uncertainty in agricultural market

47. Share information on food supply and demand, stockholding, quality and reserves via IP utilizing the ASEAN Food Security Information System as an information source. [2011-]

Improving agribusiness environment

  • Develop food industries

51. Organize a dialogue on quality managements and resource and environment conservation for food industries. [2010-2011]

52. Share available information for food industries on food cultures, dietary habits and consumer preferences via IP. [2011-]

  • Protect intellectual property rights in new plant varieties

57. Hold symposium to share examination data on new plant varieties to accelerate granting plant breeder’s right [2011]

To see the information of the member economies’ approach to the Niigata action plans on Food Security, please click the link below.

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