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Progress of APEC Action Plan and Success (People's Republic of China)

Shared Goal 1: Sustainable Development of the Agricultural Sector

Expanding food supply capacity

  • Transfer new and existing agricultural technology

2. Develop a website for sharing information on agricultural technology. [2010-2012]

3. Hold workshop on building an efficient agricultural technical transfer platform to promote technology cooperation. [2010-2011]

4. Hold conference to discuss practical actions for creating conditions for the environment for agricultural technology development and transfer. [2010]

Enhancing disaster preparedness in agriculture

  • Prevent and control transboundary animal and plant diseases

22. Analyze risk of cross-border spread of animal influenza, and strengthen mutual understanding among inspection and quarantine agencies. [2011]

Shared Goal 2: Facilitation of Investment, Trade and Markets

Facilitating trade in food and agricultural products

  • Facilitate trade

44. Review the current status of electronic certification use in food trade, and hold workshop to promote its regional application. [2011-2014]

Improving agribusiness environment

  • Promote a strong food chain

53. Hold workshop to share information on current traceability system on food chain. [2011-2012]

Improving food safety practices

  • Improving food safety practice

58. Identify main chemical contaminants in food traded internationally, and provide official inspectors with technical training. [2011-2014]

To see the information of the member economies’ approach to the Niigata action plans on Food Security, please click the link below.

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